Most computer vision teaching takes place on the MSc in Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environments. Relevant current courses include:

Reading Groups:

  • Computer Vision reading group: there is a weekly computer vision reading group run by Dr. Simon Prince. All staff and students welcome.
  • Image Processing reading group : there is also a monthly image processing discussion group organised by Dr. Lewis Griffin.
  • Diffusion Imaging Reading Group: organized by Dr. Danny Alexander and Dr. Matt Hall.

Industrial Collaboration:

Researchers in UCL also maintain close links with industry. Recent industrial collaborators include Microsoft, Sharp, Sortex, Howrey LLP, GroundSure, VisionSphere.

Commercial Activity:

Several members of the Vision and Imaging Science group have been involved in start-up companies. Currently, Professor Derek Hill is CEO of Ixico.


Members of the Vision and Imaging Science group have other affiliations within UCL including:

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